Packing Tsunami…

The packing tsunami has hit. Check out our cute little creatures. Benjamin is been unhappy that he’s being left alone while I pack. And Toby is wondering why Benjamin won’t join him as he blissfully plays in the packing rubble.

Image (2)          Image (1)          Image

I’m starting this blog on our last days here in Chicago so that I hit the ground running in Baltimore.   My rules of blogging:

1. MUST BLOG DAILY. Even if it’s just a picture or one sentence. This kind of goes along with my philosophy of running/exercise. If I skip even one day, it becomes a thousand times easier to skip another..and then another… and then I just fall off the wagon completely.

2. MUST SPEND >1 min. & <15 min. BLOGGING. The main purpose of this is to keep a running diary of this one precious year of stay-at-home motherhood before medical school and share updates with friends and family. My plan is not to be long-winded about boring shit. And my purpose is NOT to get random people following this blog. Although I guess that happens on this thing called the Internet?


Sidenote: Today Benjamin made it through a reading of Franklin in the Dark, my favorite book as a child. He loves listening to stories already, but usually gets overstimulated and ready to move around after five or so minutes. Parenthood Victory.