Burnt enchiladas and other misfortunes.

Lowlights from the weekend:

LOWLIGHT #1: My first stay-at-home-momma home-cooked meal gone awry:  Who knew that ovens can have a mind of their own? Our new one sure does. Just eight minutes after popping in my tasty-looking enchiladas, I peeked in to observe their golden cheesy perfection and decided to give them one more minute. A diligently observed sixty seconds later I reach to take them out and the oven WOULD NOT OPEN! It locked in some kind confused, “I’m too hot. Must lock & clean self. Must protect humans.” on-the-fritz state. There is nothing worse than being starving, spending an hour cooking a delicious meal, and then being forced to watch while it burns to a blackened crisp. Nothing worse.

Unable to find any humor in the situation, which is my usual fail-safe stress coping mechanism, I headed into Ben’s nursery to feed him and pout about this epic fail while my superhero husband worked on the protocol the owner’s left in a note. Because apparently it has happened before… couldn’t they have just FIXED the blasted thing!!?  John turned off the circuit breaker and 15 long minutes later, the over finally released it’s scalding enchiladian victims.



LOWLIGHT #2: Getting towed. As if hauling Benjamin out for an Aldi/Safeway shopping extravaganza isn’t enough on it’s own, we get to the car and have the “Shit, where is the car?” moment, one that unfortunately we know all too well from experience. A few hours later, 270 dollars poorer, and after hitching a ride through sketchy Middle East from a random nice stranger who works for the impound lot, John returned with the car and was promptly elevated to knight-in-shining-armor status.

LOWLIGHT #3: Rude neighbors: Although Baltimoreans have been shockingly, almost disgustingly nice as a whole, there is an exception to every rule. Our exception lives next to the elevator. In the midst of the chaos of the car getting towed, as John headed out the door to sprint one mile to meet the random nice stranger who would give him a ride to the impound lot, Toby escaped. No big deal, right? WRONG! It IS a big deal when your neighbors have a real watermelon wedged up their bottom end (yes, that’s much, much worse than panties in a bunch). Seeing Toby run around the corner, Mr. Watermelon-butt Neighbor angrily tells us, “If this happens again, we’re going to have some REALLY SERIOUS problems.” And he says it over and over, like three or four times. Apparently since the condo association code says “No dogs off leash” it is a crime if your little hound gets out for a second, even if he is harmless, quiet, and cute as a button. It’s sad that some people just really hate dogs (and humans in this case).

On the brightside, my Pumpkin Cinnamon cupcakes turned out delightful!



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