one determined little guy. (rolling over outtakes)

On Thursday I posted a video of Benjamin grasping a toy. Little did I know, that “exciting milestone” would seem so trifling only a few hours later. The very same day he would blow me away with something way cooler…. rolling over!!!  He was laying on a blanket on the floor on his side (a position he has favored with his thumb in his mouth for about a week). He seemed to be antsy and grunting a lot so I went over to see what was bugging him. But instead of an upset face, he had a look of sheer determination. For over an hour, he lay there trying so, so hard to roll over. I realized that this kid has a lot of gumption!

I intervened a few times and helped him get all the way over, and the satisfaction and joy he seemed to have when he got over to his stomach was awesome! Up until today, he always seemed uninterested in “tummy time” but once it became something he could do himself, it was a whole new world of fun, apparently…

Here are three of his “almost” attempts:

After awhile, I picked him up because he seemed exhausted. I fed him and decided that he needed an early evening nap since he had not slept much all day. But when I put him in his crib, he didn’t seem sleepy, just perfectly happy to have a chance to continue his rolling practice. It was quiet for a long time. Figuring maybe he had fallen asleep finally, I snuck back in to check on him. And there he was, still trying to roll over. It seemed like he was ridiculously close to achieving it, so I grabbed the nicer camera to film. I crept up on him in the semi-dark, recording the whole thing. And about four minutes later HE DID IT!!! All by himself! And I got the whole thing on film….. I was so excited to show John that I immediately went to upload it on the computer.  BIG MISTAKE.

the stupid, useless, good-for-nothing, pathetic, goshdarn (trying to keep this PG) memory card became corrupted when I slid it into my computer. So the evidence is DESTROYED!


I’ve been googling “how to recover a corrupted SD card” and might try some things this weekend.

Until then, you’ll just have to believe me. 😉


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