John’s big THREE-ZERO.

John turned 30 today! We celebrated this weekend. I must have been hungry when I planned the menu because I decided to cook/bake no less than TEN new dishes. I spent two days in an endless cycle of making the kitchen a mess and cleaning up again, but it was all worth it. Here are the recipes I used & the glorious pictures we took. We’re still thinking about starting a food blog, so this was so much fun!

“Three Decades” Dinner: Homemade Italian bread… Lemon-garlic sautéed green beansPistachio Orecchiette (homemade pasta!)… Pesto-mozzarella stuffed chicken (homemade pesto!)… & Creme brûlée

Michigan Game Tailgate Snacks: Brown-butter baked donuts, Baked kale chips, Zucchini-parmesan crisps, Homemade salsa (Recipe stolen from our friend Theresa–just just blend stewed tomatoes, fresh cilantro, & onion!), & Chicken/Spinach/Mushroom Calzones





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