rise and shine!

Benjamin is still quite a cat-napper, but we’re hard at work getting a nap schedule down this week.  We’ve banned naps in the bouncer, swing, and stroller until he starts taking naps longer than 20 minutes. After Day 3 of the Nap Initiative, I can’t believe how quickly he is improving. When he wakes up, I often don’t even know because I find him just playing quietly in his crib.

Overall, we’ve been sleeping a lot around here lately, catching up from those 3 months of sleep deprivation. Ben is still sleeping an incredible 11-12 hours straight most nights. We upped the ante on the bed time bottle to 7 ounces, which works like a charm. Sometimes he’ll wake up for a 5:30 or 6am feeding and go back to sleep for a few more hours. Other times he will sleep in until 7am.

In an ode to nap week, here are some morning wake-ups I’ve captured in the last few weeks.

It is such a treat to have such a cheerful and happy little one to see first thing in the morning. Absolutely makes my day, everyday.  The icing on the cake this morning was enjoying this breathtaking sunrise together. Being on the 21st floor with a handsome little man every morning couldn’t get much better.




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