I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, but here are a few more!  Benjamin is not doing anything remarkable in them, just being his cute talkative little self. Unfortunately I usually pull out my phone after he really gets going and then he gets distracted, but these videos show the tail end of some much longer conversations.

Ben is pretty expressive vocally, especially when he is on the verge of being tired (when he does the grump, cry-talking) or just after waking up when he’s super alert (when he does very well at back-and-forth conversation). He’s also a big fan of sticking his tongue out to see if we will do it back at him. Goofy little guy!

We’re going to have a busy weekend. No Michigan game, but our friends Vani and Matt are coming over for some pizza-making fun tonight. John’s knows Vani from back at Northwestern and she’s in love with Benjamin. We hope she becomes our go-to babysitter for a few dates this year. We’ve still NEVER had a babysitter for him for us to go out on a date. Isn’t that CRAZY!?  Tomorrow we’ll check out the Baltimore Book Festival (right in Mt. Vernon, just a few blocks away) and the Museum of Industry (which is free tomorrow!) and maybe if the good-infant-behavior fairies are with us, we might even catch dinner at Marie Louise Bistro, a place we’ve been eyeing on Charles Street.  Cheers to a fun weekend!


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