Nursery fun

It’s been so much fun working on Benjamin’s nursery during August and September. I have lots of projects to show off! I’ll start with a few today and then continue in a future post. 🙂


This is John’s grandmother’s baby bonnet that my mother-in-law passed down to Benjamin. I framed it with some scrapbook paper. It might be my favorite thing!


This is his birth announcement! We made them almost two months after he was born, but better late than never. Those first few months were just way to crazy!


Hospital bracelets, footprints, and ultrasound. More of my favorite things!


These two crayon-melt art pictures were inspired by Pinterest (of course!). It’s pretty simple in theory, but way harder to pull off than you’d think. The hot gluing of crayons is the easy part, but the heating and melting with a blow dryer gets pretty out of control. It’s hard to get it to melt and drip without becoming a huge mess of crayon splatter. Patience and a steady hand are a must!


The whole nursery is done now, except for 3 things: (1) Covering the bulletin board with fabric; (2) Sewing a crib skirt; (3) Making a cushion cover for the ugly sea-green rocking chair. These things require opening up the sewing machine that I ordered a month ago and figuring out what to do with it.  Time to channel my inner-Martha Stewart…yikes!  Anyway, here are some pics of the nursery in it’s almost-done state. The lighting was awful when I took these, so I’ll get some better ones in the future.


The cute painted aqua dresser was from Ikea (the unfinished Tarva chest of drawers). When my family visited in August, I outsourced some work to them. Uncle Patrick was the handyman and saved me a lot of hair-pulling frustration. You know what I mean if you’ve ever put together Ikea furniture. Then Nana and I (okay, mostly Nana) painted it up. It totally makes the red/aqua color scheme come together.

Nursery 5

I found an old frame and cut out Benjamin in letters from scrapbook paper. And the red tray for all his diaper changing booty was actually a gift for our wedding from like 5 years ago! It was supposed to be a wine cork trivet that you glue together. I think I tried like six times over the years to put it together, but always gave up trying to get the jigsaw of corks to fit together. I was ready to throw it out, but figured a piece of scrapbook paper at the bottom would make it a perfect little tray!
Nursery 7

My favorite thing in his whole nursery might be the little baby sneaker display on the wall in these pics. It used to be a candle holder that we never liked that much and we almost threw it out, until I re-imagined another purpose for it. I can’t tell you how many times a day I look at these sneakers and fall in love with Ben’s little boy-ness all over again. Most of these lil’ sneaks were gifts from Nana. I don’t think she realized that she was going to start a whole new genre of shoe-fetish for me.

Nursery 4

The ugly wire organizer was an old craigslist cheapo that used to be in our closets. But some aqua/turquoise storage baskets from Target really spruced it up and made it way more manageable and cuter! Before I bought them, the massive amount of toys (almost all garage-sale treasures from Ben’s Grammy!) were just scattered in there haphazardly. But then Target bestowed it’s gift of greatness upon Ben’s room. Target is a land of many, many miracles.

Nursery 3

The bunting is just scrapbook paper hot-glued to ribbon. Super easy!

Finally, here’s the little Emperor of this Kingdom, chilling with Daddy & Toby on a football Saturday:






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