urban white noise

photo (22)

Benjamin’s favorite place to nap is outside in his stroller. Great, right?

NOPE! Because he usually wakes up five minutes after we get home. Once awake, he spends about two minutes in an adorable groggy “Where am I?” phase…

photo (19)

…before screaming to the world that he wants to be back outdoors.

photo (24)

So I’ve spent over two weeks fiddling with just about every single variable in this morning walk and nap scenario. Start time. Length of walk. Timing of feeding. Transferring to the crib when we get home. Leaving the stroller next to an open window when we get home. I won’t name them all, but seriously…every variable.

photo (21)

So I’m officially giving up.  No more fighting it.   My new plan is to bring my laptop and work at the tables outside of Potbelly or Starbucks for a few hours each morning.

It should be a win-win. I’ll get something done before noon (for a change!), while he sleeps away to the lovely roar of cars rushing by, sirens wailing, trash trucks slamming down dumpsters in the alley, and gunshots popping off in the distance. Wait a sec, I think I just stumbled upon a great idea for a baby white noise machine: Urban Baby/Noise Pollution Edition.

photo (23)

This new plan might just lead to a Starbucks iced coffee and Potbelly sugar cookie addiction, but at least I’ll get work done!

photo (20)
I was kidding about the gunshots for those of you still freaking out…(Mom?).

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