free fall baltimore

Today we kicked off Free Fall Baltimore with the Museum of Industry, a picnic on Fed Hill, and Bach in Baltimore with our friends Seth & Theresa and their two adorable daughters (2yo Clara & 4yo Chelsea).

The museum was a bit of a bust, but we made the best of it. There were a LOT of old machines. I almost got a nostalgia nosebleed. My grandpa Harry (and anyone over the age of 70) would have loved it, but you could tell the museum was struggling to keep the under-10 set entertained. Random boxes of toys & dress up clothes that had nothing to do with the displays were strategically placed around the museum.

But Benjamin always keeps us entertained. Safety goggles everyone!


This reminds me of that one time…

photo (30)

Anyway, I digress.

The picnic on Fed Hill was delightful. The weather was perfect and the views gorgeous. Benjamin was being surprisingly patient and photogenic while John went on a long mission to find parking.

photo (27)

photo (26)






Bach was amazing, although fifteen minute into the performance  we had to enact covert ops to evacuate the baby.  We finally got home, exhausted but happy.



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