Last night John and I had our FIRST real date in over four months. Since Benjamin was born we’ve toted him along to plenty of dinners and bars (yup, we’re those people).  But we’ve never left him with a babysitter. Why did we wait so long!?

We bought season tickets to Centerstage, a performing arts theater in our neighborhood because: 1) they are ridiculously cheap if you are under 35 years old –only $48 for all 7 shows!–and 2) it will force us to go out more without Ben; while a baby in a bar is a rare sight, a baby at the theater is pretty much unheard of.

Our goal is to see all 7 shows. The first one was Animal Crackers, a goofy, Marx Brothers vaudeville-style musical. John looked so awesome in the goofy Groucho glasses they passed out, but he stubbornly refused to let me take a picture. What a Grouch! 🙂 So Benjamin and I decided to try them on today:

photo     photo (1)

In preparation for the first big night out, we shelled out $35 to buy a one-month trial to With 12 replies so far to our post, it’s already WELL worth it. Half have been sketchy, my favorite being Iesha who started her reply with, “hello I FOUND YOU lol…”    (Dear Iesha, You might want to tone down the creepy factor.)

After breaking a few hearts , we have four girls waiting in line, so we’re now stocked with childcare options for the rest of this year. In a city where we don’t know anyone, this is awesome!

Brianna, the first sitter we tried out last night, turned out to be perfect. She came over at 6pm while Ben was taking his bath and helped us finish out his bedtime routine by giving him the bottle and putting him down. I warned her that I might act a bit neurotic since this is our first time leaving him. But still, I’m a tiny bit embarrassed by my lack of self-control. It went something like this:

Brianna: Don’t worry guys, I got this.   [as Ben screams bloody murder upon finishing his bottle]
Me: Okayyy… [slowly backing away and walking out to the door]
Toby:  Ruff Ruff Ruff [runs into Ben’s room barking]
Me:  We’d better get Toby. [John and I come back into Ben’s room.  John grabs Toby]
Me: Oh Benjamin, here’s Mommy, do you want Mommy to put you down to sleep? [taking Ben out of her arms]
{{{as the words were coming out of my mouth I couldn’t stand how obnoxious I sounded, but I also couldn’t fight my overpowering maternal instinct to soothe the crying babe. Brianna dear, this is what neurotic looks like…}}}
Brianna: You guys go ahead, don’t worry. Like you said, I’m sure he’ll stop crying in a minute.
Me: Okay, you’re right. THANK YOU! Bye. [slowly backing away again]
Me: Let’s just stand here for one minute until he stops crying [outside apartment door]
John: He’ll be fine, don’t worry. [his crying is already starting to fade away]
Me: You’re right. [slowwwly walking to elevator, stopping every few steps to listen]
Me: Let’s just wait here for a bit to be sure he doesn’t start crying again [at the elevator]
John: He will be fine. What’s the worst that can happen…he cries for 3 hours? Stop worrying. [the elevator door closes]
Me: WAIT! I forgot my cell phone. (convenient excuse!)  [getting back on the elevator to head back up to our floor]
Me: Ooops, I actually do have it here in my pocket. But let’s just walk back to the apartment door anyway to make sure he’s not crying anymore.
John: Okay, whatever will make you feel better.
[we stand outside the door like freakish stalkers listening. the neighbors, on their way out, give me a creeped out look. John waits patiently, exasperated]
Me: Okay, he’s not crying. We can go. I’m sorry I’m so crazy.
John: You are only a little crazy on the scale of craziness. It’s okay.


All that worrying for nothing…the little guy was a perfect sleeper (as usual). Still, I sat with my phone on my lap the entire play, just in case.

Next time we go out I know I’ll be way less anxious. There’s a first time for everything.



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