These days, Benjamin can’t keep his hands off things. I lost the pack of month-by-month stickers for awhile, and once I found them last week I decided we’d take belated four-month pics. Ben’s reaction? …No way are you going to put a sticker on my shirt and not let me play with it. To distract him, I handed him the old three-month sticker, still stuck on the sheet. Bad idea. He loved the new sticky sensation, but quickly got it stuck to the new sticker. So we had to rip it off. Doing it quick like a band-aid didn’t exactly work out in this case.


I don’t know what she’s talking about. I’ve never ripped stickers. Or pulled the hair out of the dog and eaten it. Or drooled buckets on every shirt in sight. Or peed and pooped in my bath. It must have been another baby.


My little creative genius said, “Mom, you always want me to smile. But doesn’t our audience want to see the full range of my emotional repertoire?” So we decided to do a serious photo shoot. He ended up smiling for the last few pictures anyway. Sometimes he just can’t help himself.


In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a total babe magnet. Those baby girls just can’t help themselves.
Aivry, Abriella, Lila… I’m looking at you.


Steely blue eyes.


Sometimes when we put Ben to sleep, John and I have a desperate urge to wake him up and make him laugh and smile. Or just to squeeze and cuddle him. It can be hard, but so far we have resisted the overpowering impulse. #onedayatatime #fightingthegoodfight
(Have I mentioned I have a new obsession with using the most ridiculous, superfluous hashtags possible? ….The inspiration? 1) This hilarious video, which I hope most of you have had the joy of seeing already; and 2) A wine-infused 10 minute rant (entirely in hashtags) with the hilarious girls at my last book club. #stillcrackingup



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