Franklin Jr.

I haven’t posted in awhile because we were off in Philly for a long weekend. John presented at a conference, so Ben, Toby, and I tagged along to explore Philadelphia’s historical landmarks. Even though I spent 6 weeks in Philly for TFA Summer Institute in ’07, I never really saw any of the city during that time. In fact I’m not sure I ever left the Temple campus.  Sadface.

We walked around a ton, so Ben took several little cat-naps. And it was pretty chilly, so we finally got to bust out his awesome hand-knit poncho from his Auntie Loren.



Benjamin seemed less-than-thrilled during the semi-boring tour of Independence Hall, but he was all smiles the whole way through the long line at the Liberty Bell. He’s already become a bit of a flirt and the girl behind me was making him all googly-eyed.


Our favorite thing was the Benjamin Franklin Museum. There were lots of interactive displays that Ben fixated on. I actually learned a lot that I didn’t know about Benjamin F.  He was a pretty amazing dude. Even though we didn’t pick the name Benjamin for any particular reason (other than just really liking it), now I think I’ll edit a bit of his history and tell him that he is (sort of) named after a pretty flipping awesome Founding Father.

IMG_2043 IMG_2044

I am already starting to imagine little Benjamin as an inventor, scientist, politician, musician, activist, diplomat, and writer.  Who says you have to pick just one?

With this weekend getaway we checked off our first city off the B-more bucket list. Still to go: NYC, DC, Richmond (where John goes for work once every six weeks), Ocean City (or some beachy town), Boston (maybe…it’s pretty far!), and who knows where else.

Here is the list:


I made it last month to help us keep track of the many B-more things we kept adding to our mental list. A year goes by fast, so we had to get serious people. It’s just another mesh of Pinterest ideas….  some scrapbook paper, hot glue gun, scissors, magnetic printing paper, and a metal baking sheet. Our mini-sized oven in this apartment wouldn’t accommodate this huge baking sheet so I re-purposed it temporarily.

In the spirit of MGoBlog, I’ll leave you with a kitten:


(This little guy was homeless and shivering in Philly. Some tourist found him and was looking for a pet adoption center. It took a lot of self-control to walk away because I had this throbbing impulse to snatch him and run fast without looking back.)


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