Another Laugh Track

Things have been all giggles and no fuss around here lately. I think Ben must know that his Nana, Papa, and Uncle Patrick are visiting soon.  This is how excited he is:

We are so excited for Thanksgiving! Even though we have a half-sized oven, we’re going to do a full turkey…after all, you only have one shot at your first year to host Thanksgiving. We are going to man up.



10 Ways I Saved the World Today

1. Picked up litter:  

I forgot to bring a bag downstairs to pick up Toby’s crap this morning. So I simply caught one flying by in the air while I had one hand on Toby’s leash and the other on the stroller. Double win: didn’t have to shamefully flee the dogshit on sidewalk AND disposed of urban detritus.

2. Removed hazardous waste:

While weeding out the diaper bag I unearthed a wadded-up poopy blow-out outfit from a few weekends ago (without even gagging!)  Get out of town Chernobyl, this radioactive waste site is history.

3. Saved water: 

Ben slept in until 7:45am! Did I wake up early, run, shower, drink my morning coffee, and get started working? Hell no, I did not. Instead, I sucked the sweet marrow from that succulent extra cut of sleep. Bonus: no shower = no wasted water. This one was too easy.

4. Used a “green” cleaning product:

Soaked the poop-stained strap on the changing table in a vinegar and water mixture,  effectively getting 90% of the stain out.  The best part? I didn’t even consult google. Gosh, I must be growing up. Happy tears.

5. Improved air quality:

Remembered to plug the dryer hose into the window before starting the dryer, effectively avoiding the usual occurrence of hot dry air spewing into Benjamin’s room whenever I do laundry.

6. Prevented bloodshed:

Went 3 for 10 clipping Ben’s fingernails while breastfeeding. His nails are like itty bitty Santoku knives. Cannot. Keep. Them. Short. forthelifeofme.

7. Stopped food waste:

Pawned off the half-gone bag of baby carrots sitting in the back of the fridge. I always buy carrots with the best intentions, but never, ever finish the whole bag. They go in the trash and I feel bad. Such a first-world problem. Now they are sitting in cute little ice-cube-sized pureed clumps in the freezer waiting for an unsuspecting 5-month-old victim.

8. Ended a 3-month war:

…with cradle cap. Yup, I gently scraped off the last little flaky bits of dead scalp with my own fingernails while he was caught in the tractor beam of Baby Einstein. Don’t worry I wiped up the pile of flakes and little bitty hairs and threw them away. Okay, too disgusting. Sorry.

9. Reduced noise pollution: 

Managed to have a cry-free two-hour stretch before morning nap. I cheated with an extra feeding. And I did a few blindfolded cartwheels while juggling baby rattles (like any good minion would). But hey, it worked.

10. Upcycled:

Successfully avoided Child Protective Services for another day by draping Ben in many blankets so he was properly “dressed” for our walk. Creatively used, outgrown baby blankets can replace a number of unnecessary winter clothing items.

…pretty badass, right?


I am the one who knocks.

Snap giggles

Today Benjamin had his first playdate! Actually, it was more of a playwalk because I met Monica (Emerson’s mom) for lunch and we walked down to the monument. Emerson is an adorable little guy, born only 10 days before Ben. The two munchkins hit it off quite well, giving each other drooly stares from their strollers. I can’t wait to get them on the ground crawling around together!

When we got home from our playwalk, Ben was so happy. So we recorded this doozy:

I’ve never gotten him to giggle this much.


Tomfoolery with Toby

Chips make Toby go gaga. One day he got his head stuck in an empty chip bag and we cursed ourselves for not having our camera ready. So we decided to give him another opportunity to act like a buffoon. Seconds 25-40 are the real gem:

Toby also has also developed a new proclivity for napping in Ben’s bouncer. The first few times he crawled in, he stared at us trying to gauge whether or not it was acceptable behavior. Since we didn’t give him a timeout or kick him out, now he just acts like he owns the place.

photo (6)



Fall in Baltimore was spectacular! Nevermind that the trees were painted by Matisse himself, the weather alone was just perfect. Crisp air, bright sun, mild temperatures, and light breeze. But the past few days have seemed like the official start of winter. Boo, I say!

To mourn the loss of our brilliant weather, I poured some extra honey in my coffee this morning and sat down to scroll through pictures of my little nugget on our many walks… those darn stinking cute hoodies, they get me every time.

We were severely underdressed on our morning walk today, so I need to go figure out what babies wear in the wintertime. Amazon, my dear friend, here I come.


IMG_1966photo (3) IMG_2116
IMG_2087 IMG_2052 IMG_2032 IMG_1970
IMG_1924 IMG_1906 IMG_1866 IMG_1380

Awwww, hoodies. You make a mama swoon.


What are these things on my face? And why did the world turn rosy pink all of a sudden? Mom…?




Nothing changes


Emily & Kristina, two of my three best friends from high school, flew out to visit this past weekend. (Woody, we missed you!!) Now that Monday has rolled around and they are gone I am left feeling so blessed to have such beautiful, smart, and thoughtful friends who are so full of life and fun to spend time with. Hanging out with them also made me so excited to live in Michigan again and reminded me how much I truly admire these stellar ladies! We vowed to turn this into an annual weekend trip starting next fall, and I’m already thinking about what a great break it will be from the grind of med school that will begin in August.

Baltimore collage

Highlights of the weekend: Lump crab cakes @ Lexington Market (so worth the money!), getting our palms read by a psychic (check that one off the bucket list!), shopping and Happy Hour drinking, Brewer’s Art (Mmm!), Iggies, a play at Centerstage (what an incredible show!), walking,walking,walking!, running,running,running (through the gorgeous fall colors up at Hopkins), and brunch at City Cafe.

Love these girls!!!