Very Hungry Caterpillar

Where and when do city kids trick-or-treat!? We took our very hungry caterpillar out to enjoy a walk during what we thought would most likely be trick-or-treating hours, and there was not a single kid in costume to be seen. We still enjoyed a walk down to Mt. Vernon park and decided to do an impromptu photo shoot of the caterpillar on the grass. Unfortunately our memory card killed all of the adorable pictures when we got home (this is our SECOND evil possessed memory card…what gives?)  So we lost all the cute shots and decided that a Round 2 of photo shoot was in order. These pictures are the result of the second shoot yesterday…unfortunately, Ben wasn’t in the brightest of moods, but they still turned out pretty cute.

Also, I should mention the inspiration for the costume: Benjamin’s FAVORITE book used to be Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, but has recently been replaced by The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Okay, full disclosure: 4-5 month olds don’t really have favorite books, they just stare at some longer than others. 🙂

















Poor old Toby had to wait patiently tied up to the park bench while we took all these pictures. There may be no greater pain for the Norwich than being forced to watch as we oogle over Benjamin. Oh, the jealousy.



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