Nothing changes


Emily & Kristina, two of my three best friends from high school, flew out to visit this past weekend. (Woody, we missed you!!) Now that Monday has rolled around and they are gone I am left feeling so blessed to have such beautiful, smart, and thoughtful friends who are so full of life and fun to spend time with. Hanging out with them also made me so excited to live in Michigan again and reminded me how much I truly admire these stellar ladies! We vowed to turn this into an annual weekend trip starting next fall, and I’m already thinking about what a great break it will be from the grind of med school that will begin in August.

Baltimore collage

Highlights of the weekend: Lump crab cakes @ Lexington Market (so worth the money!), getting our palms read by a psychic (check that one off the bucket list!), shopping and Happy Hour drinking, Brewer’s Art (Mmm!), Iggies, a play at Centerstage (what an incredible show!), walking,walking,walking!, running,running,running (through the gorgeous fall colors up at Hopkins), and brunch at City Cafe.

Love these girls!!!




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