Fall in Baltimore was spectacular! Nevermind that the trees were painted by Matisse himself, the weather alone was just perfect. Crisp air, bright sun, mild temperatures, and light breeze. But the past few days have seemed like the official start of winter. Boo, I say!

To mourn the loss of our brilliant weather, I poured some extra honey in my coffee this morning and sat down to scroll through pictures of my little nugget on our many walks… those darn stinking cute hoodies, they get me every time.

We were severely underdressed on our morning walk today, so I need to go figure out what babies wear in the wintertime. Amazon, my dear friend, here I come.


IMG_1966photo (3) IMG_2116
IMG_2087 IMG_2052 IMG_2032 IMG_1970
IMG_1924 IMG_1906 IMG_1866 IMG_1380

Awwww, hoodies. You make a mama swoon.


What are these things on my face? And why did the world turn rosy pink all of a sudden? Mom…?





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