Overdue Thanks

Well, we did it! We hosted our first Thanksgiving. It was amazing to have my mom, dad, and brother fly in to visit us in Baltimore. Our long holiday weekend was just the right mix of action and relaxation.


.thankful that Benjamin got to spend so much time with his Nana, Papa, and Uncle Patrick.


.thankful we could find a semi-non-sketchy clinic to get Patrick back to good health.


.thankful for being treated to a delicious Italian dinner at Sammy’s Trattoria. thankful we could treat everyone to some good home cooked sous-vide chicken. so fancy, right!?

photo (17)

.thankful we got to see a beautiful and heartwarming Christmas play at Centerstage, while Patrick babysat.


.thankful we pulled off a pretty great first Thanksgiving dinner and had so many helping hands to constantly wash dishes all day.

photo (18)

.thankful that we got to beat John in a game of Monopoly, finally.  (full disclosure: we assigned him the iron and $1 to start—he was at work.)

photo (15)

.thankful for free bus rides. thankful for finding my lost car. thankful for gravity. and seeing Gravity in 3D.

photo (13)

.thankful that Ben was nothing but giggles on Santa’s lap.  thankful we got scammed into overpaying for a photo. 🙂


.thankful for $5 happy hour pomegranate martinis surrounded by the sparkly lights downtown.

photo (16)

.thankful for a date with my mom to Saturday morning yoga.  (while Toby & Ben led yoga for the boys at home.)


.thankful for an amazing Michigan-OSU game…but unthankful for that damn 2-point conversion.


.thankful someone invented brunch. thankful someone opened “b” bistro. thankful for our delicious farewell brunch.

so, so thankful.

We dearly missed the rest of our family…in Michigan, Illinois, & California…but we can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas!


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