Happy Half Birthday! (overdue)

Ben and I had our half-birthday on December 6th (old news now…), and I’m finally getting around to posting his pictures today!







6-month checkup stats:

Weight: 17 lbs, 3 oz! Although this seems huge, he is now closer to the 50th percentile than 75th. Hmmm… babies are just bigger than I ever imagined, I suppose.

Height: 27.4 inches. John and I agreed that the nurses could be a little more meticulous about making sure they measure accurately. But according to this (maybe accurate?) measurement, he’s only grown 0.4 inches in 2 months. He’s now at the 75th percentile for height (last time was at 90th).

Head circumference: Don’t know measurement, but still at 50th percentile.








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