First Family Christmas Shots

We are proud to say that we made through a non-stop 9 days of travel without having to take any SHOTS of the alcoholic nature, but we took plenty of the other kind.

So before 2014 gets too far along, here are some of our favorite shots (starring Benjamin, of course) to highlight our first Christmas together:

Ben opening up his first of many presents with Mommy.  These are actually all presents for Mommy….toys to entertain neonate until the end of all time.


Labor was divided as follows….  Mommy: Tear paper.  Benjamin: Eat paper.


Ben and his Grammy. We also call her “Great Goddess Finder of All  Toys in the Universe.”


Ben is King-Giraffe-Man.  Daddy is Assistant-Present-Opener-Minion-#2.


After examining the object in the photo below, Ben says: “You silly parental units must be mistaken. This is not a “baby’s first ornament” or whatever you call it. It is obviously a delicious glittering ball of celestial silver…a delicacy which must. be. eaten. NOW.


Ben’s first bath in the big kids’ tub was a splashing success. We may have had one minor  semi-faceplant incident. But it was really no big deal. His hiccups from water inhalation only lasted about two minutes.


A carefully cropped photo of Nana & Ben at bathtime. (We don’t want anything sketchy floating around on the Interwebs, so Ben’s manly parts and Nana’s glass of vino had to go!)


Random aside, unrelated to holidays….  Have you ever noticed Ben’s “stork-bite?” It’s the faint vascular mark on his forehead between his eyes. It has been fading over time and will most likely disappear some time in the first year. But for now, we lovingly call it his “unibrow.” Fun fact: It lights up bright red when he is upset or excited. Kind of like those mood rings.  He is neither upset nor excited in this picture, so here it is at equilibrium:


Ben decided to make a PRE-New Years Resolution to become an official “sitter.” He achieved it with flying colors at the grandparents’ houses, well before New Years Day. His next resolution? Walking.  (Crawling is soooo 2013.)

photo (22)

We sure do miss everyone already now that we are back in B-more!


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