Green Confetti and the Crustacean Assissination

2014 started with GREEN CONFETTI for us. This was 7am the morning after:

NYE Confetti

We celebrated NYE with our great friends Seth & Theresa (fellow Ann Arborites transplanted in Baltimore), and their cute and brilliant daughters, Chelsea & Clara. The girls took on the fun job of opening bags each hour.  (The bags were a SUPER simplified 10-min. version of this idea I found on Pinterest!). The 11pm bag had green paper and scissors for our own homemade confetti party.  Please note, Sparties: The green paper had nothing to do with the Spartans trip to the Rose Bowl, it just randomly happened to be the only colored paper I had in the house. However, I will take full credit for the win today, thank you.

Benjamin drank too much and passed out early, but he woke up with only a slight hangover around 11pm. Of course, he slept in his fancy tuxedo. Because what else would such a studly young chap wear on NYE?  Before passing out again, he was surrounded by beautiful ladies who didn’t mind that he was slurring his coos and babbles. What a lucky man!


You might wonder how we got two sugar-drunk divas and one milk-drunk gent looking so glamorous at such a late hour? Well, it only took about 37 takes (thank heavens for the age of digital photography). As you can see, we all adapted to our roles quite well:


Alright on a serious note: It is 2014. Why has teleportation not been invented yet? Last night I would have really liked to be in two places at once, so that I could make green confetti AND try the delicious lobster you see pictured below.  The text I get from the family back home in Michigan: “Crustacean assassination”  (My sister-in-law is delightfully clever!). But let’s be honest, I probably would have named him Bob (the Lob), played with him for a few hours, then snipped those rubber bands off his cramped up pincers and absconded with him just before the water reached boiling point. So it is probably better that teleportation is still a few years off.


Reminds me of this:


You should be singing the line from “Under the Sea” right now: “One day when de boss get hungry, guess who ‘gon be on de plate.”


Poor old Bob the Lob.


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