Amazing Ben

Last night, John and I were watching Parks & Rec and had one of those glorious moments where you forget you have a kid for about a half hour or so. When we remembered, the following flood of emotions ensued:

…Wow, so that was what it was like before parenthood? Wish we appreciated it more….    then:

…Wait, if we forgot about him for 30 minutes, could something have happened? (momentary regress back to “let’s just check to make sure he’s breathing” territory)…   then:

…Let’s just wake him up to cuddle? He is so cuddly when he is tired in his little puppy footed pajamas. It will definitely be worth it…   then:

…STOP! What the crap is wrong with us? Only two hours ago we were already counting down the minutes (no, the seconds!) until bedtime…

I think the brain must re-wire in some pretty crazy ways after having a kid, and this is just one example of the parent-psychosis that results from too many neural circuits getting all tangled up.

Totally switching gears…

I think baby milestones are pretty funny things. We (human parents) are all conditioned to be like, “My baby just did THIS incredible and totally unique thing!”  While everyone else in the room takes a collective sigh and says in high pitched pretending-to-care voice, “How Amazing!…” while in their heads, they finish: “…that YOUR BABY can do what EVERY OTHER BABY in the ENTIRE HISTORICAL RECORD OF HUMANKIND has also done.”

But I swear to you, Benjamin is the most amazing baby. He’s been learning so much in the past few weeks. So here goes my version of:

My baby just did THIS incredible and totally unique thing!

Sucked on his big toe:

photo (24)

Sat up (for at least 30 minutes!):


Used a sippy cup:

photo (26)

Took his last baby bath:

photo (27)

Took his first big boy bath:


Slept through the night (kind of…again):


Cut his first tooth:

[the kid refused to cooperate for picture of this one]

And finally…our favorite one:

Babbled consonant sounds (“bla bla bla”):



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