Lucky 7

Benjamin hammed it up for his 7 month photos this morning.

However, he got confused and thought he was on the set of a real GQ photo shoot…so he asked me if I could share these 7 facts about him with his adoring fans.


1. I can stand upright really straight for like 12.5 seconds. My mommy thinks she has to hold onto me though. Ugggh…helicopter moms these days. (smh)



2. I got a huge poop stuck in my butt yesterday. It like really, really sucked. Now I’m guzzling prune juice like it’s my job.



3. Drool face is the new sparrow face (is the new duck face).  I may have been born in 2013, but I know my trends.


4. I’m going to Helmand tonight for a date with my very special friend, Vani. It’s owned by the brother of the President of Afghanistan. (Confession: I don’t know where that is.) I’ve never tried Afghani, but I’m thinking about ordering the Kaddo Borwani, or maybe the Aushak. Who am I kidding?…My mom is probably going to ruin my date again and make me eat from her plate. How embarrassing! 


5. I get to see my other special friend, Aivry, in one week. We might be in love. But long-distance relationships are really tough.


6. If you ever want to come over to eat an apple with me, I am really good at sharing. I will only suck out the juice, but I’ll leave you some slobber in exchange. And you can eat all the crunchy bites. Will you please come over now?



7. If I see you eating, I must eat too. Immediately. Or things will not be pretty.  Also, I love milk. Duh. Everyone loves milk. But I love it like so, so badly that sometimes it hurts. Milk takes me to my happy place.



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