Help us settle a dispute…

At 10:04 this morning, Benjamin may have uttered his first word!  Key words: MAY HAVE

He was waking up from morning nap babbling to himself quietly. Usually he cries a little when he wakes up, so I was excited to see him in such a happy post-nap mood. He quieted down when he heard me coming. (Sidenote: lately he has developed an ridiculously accurate, almost creepy, sense of when John and I are about to come in the room. I think he may have super-human hearing capabilities.)  Back to the story…. so I walked in and he immediately and articulately proclaimed…


I almost fainted!

And then I started squealing, “Yes!! Yes!! I’m MAMA! GOOD JOB BENJAMIN!” over, and over, until he probably forgot what all the fuss was about.

Although it caught me off guard I can’t say I was completely surprised. In the past few days, he has increasingly used his semi-upset “Mmmmmmmm” sound (almost like a form of quiet, controlled crying) when he needs me for various reasons.  I even mentioned to John a few days ago that I think Ben is starting to call me “Mmmmm.”

Can’t reach a toy? Mmmmmm. Tired of playing? Mmmmmm. Want to be held? Mmmmmm. Hungry? Mmmmmm. So, so sleepy? Mmmmmm.

I am hesitant to call this his first word because I am still suspicious. Here is why:
1) I’ve been working with him on making different sounds (trying to keep it fair: dada, mama, gaga, baba, lala), but let’s be honest I probably do use the “mama” one more than the others in these practice sessions.
2) He’s done mama in random strings of lala, blabla, etc. a few times. So maybe he just picked mama randomly.
3) IF (and it’s a big if) he was using mama intentionally, he may very well think that it means any of the following: a) I want to be picked up. b) I’m hungry. c) Person. d) I’m happy.

Why am I over-analyzing this? Well, like probably every set of new parents from here to kingdom come, John and I have an unspoken competition for which word is pronounced first (Mama or Dada).

So, here is where I need your help, friends and family. And strangers? (Not sure if anyone else reads this blog)….   Please add a comment on this blog post with your vote. 

Does this count as his first word? 

1) Yes, definitely.

This means I would win, his first word would be “Mama” (awww!), and he spoke it at 7 months and 9 days old. (Is that even possible?)  —just to be clear for the recordbook.


2) No way!

If it does not count, I need to know what criteria is required to pass the first word test. Does it have to be repeated 5 times? Does it have to be used only when said object or person is present? We could get really scientific about this.

John is not home from work yet, but my guess is that the competition is going to get really heated from now on. I am picturing John waking Benjamin up in the middle of the night for “dada” practice sessions. Or else he will make white noise recordings that will play “dadadadadadadadada” to him over and over in his sleep.


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2 thoughts on “Help us settle a dispute…

  1. You totally win this one. It’s a first word, so it only needs to be said once. I’m sure he’ll be repeating it a lot more once he gets comfortable with it. Regardless of whether he truly understands that it means YOU, he was able to SAY IT! So go you!

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