Daycare Days


Toby and his best friend, the lion, are the only gentlemen keeping me company today. The other little man is at daycare.

Ben has been going to daycare once a week for the past month. We wanted him to have this experience mainly for the socialization and to ease him into the transition to full time day care coming in the fall. But so far, the weekly daycare time has brought a megadose of kiddie germs into our world. Luckily, Ben has seemed to be tougher than the illnesses he is picking up. He fought off a minor cold and a was a trooper while he had a stomach bug which caused diarrhea for several days, but didn’t seem to break his happy spirit.

I am actually not sure if there are any studies supporting the idea that common childhood illnesses acquired in daycare environments in early life have any short- or long-term benefit, but my general philosophy is very pro-exposure. Weird for someone going into med school? Perhaps. We never used hand sanitizer with Ben or limited his exposure to any people in his first few weeks of life. In fact, he was pretty much on a non-stop parade to see all our friends and family before we moved away from Chicago when he was 2 months old. I think he has a pretty decent immune system so far (knock on wood!), and I’m sure the breastfeeding and constant Toby-licks in the face probably help too.

I should get back to work. I miss Benjamin so much on these days we’re apart because it’s not quite frequent enough for me to ever really get used to it.  So the only way I can justify the time away and money spent is to work incredibly hard while he is not here. The awesome thing about my work gig this year (curriculum writing) is that it’s the most flexible job in the entire world. But the downside is that I didn’t work nearly enough in the last four months, so now it will be pretty much a full time job until June. Since it’s rare to get more than a few hours of work done during the day when Ben is home, that means evenings and weekends aren’t going to be very eventful around here for awhile.

That’s just life, I guess. Regardless, I’m still ridiculously thankful that I get to spend this year at home.

I think Toby is even more thankful. 🙂



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