Benjamin Finds True Love

Our great friends Jenna and Paul (and their adorable one-year-old) came to visit us in Baltimore this past weekend.

But the weekend was really all about Benjamin and Aivry. Here is their story:

Ben & Aivry

In other news, Jenna and I discovered that we had a mutual hatred for using a Boppy pillow to nurse. Neither of us ever used it because it is so uncomfortable, and just downright unhelpful. (Sorry all you Boppy lovers out there!) To be fair, John and I did use it to help Ben with his sitting for awhile, but he no longer needs the extra support.

We discovered that a much better use for a Boppy is as a FRIEND PILLOW! Two heads easily fit on it and the hard cushion provides a perfect angle so that you can can still keep an eye on the wee littles. Thank goodness, because Benjamin was prone to spills (so distracted by his new lady friend) and Aivry was a master at finding all the dog fur/human hair balls that I somehow missed while cleaning.


We hung around inside for most of the weekend, keeping warm and toasty on the 21st floor. We indulged in all the great things that good friends should routinely share:  Brunch.  Coffee.  Play.  Bark.  Wine.  Board games.  Beating Pandemic (finally!).  Takeout.  Laughter.  Naps.

JPKJ with Ben & Aivry in Baltimore

This was our weekend.  Looking forward to many more when we are in Ann Arbor!  xoxoxo.


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