Coffee and Dada

John’s job has been quite busy lately; I think he has set a world record for coffee consumption in the past four weeks! Needless to say, we are looking forward to more family time soon. He has been down in Richmond this week for oral arguments, and we can’t wait for him to come home tonight.

So in the spirit of coffee and Daddy, here are some videos for John:

This one is from a few months ago:

And this one is from just last week:

We love you Daddy!

P.S.  Fun fact: The stomach flu swept through the entire Meixner household. Saturday I vomited 8 times, like clockwork every hour and a half, and then Sunday John got it.  Luckily, it was only a 24-hour bug, but I think those might have been the most miserable 24-hours ever. On Saturday, John had to keep working on his bench memo to meet his Monday deadline. So I literally laid on the floor all day long, next to Ben. Luckily he was a trooper and played independently almost all day long, like a little angel. On Sunday, even when John was sick he had to keep working on that damn memo. Poor guy!

Thank you, daycare. You are the best!

photo (39)


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