The Littlest Cupid

Once a month, I meet up with some awesome women to drink wine and eat chocolate. Sometimes we make a craft. Occasionally we talk about books.

As it happens, these girls know how to do playdates. This afternoon was the Valentine’s Party Playdate.  My little cupid and I were ready to bring our A-game.

When I saw the apples & oranges Valentine printable here, it was an easy win.


We brought some mac’n’cheese yummies. And we left with the Valentine jackpot! Benjamin gets the carrots/apricot/pear puree pouch & Mommy gets the rest.  Thank you, kind little people!


Cara prepped this cute little craft for the kids. She’s the lovely lady who started the book club and hosted this playdate party.  Benjamin LOVED getting his hand painted, but decided to make a ball with his fist when we went to put it on paper. Cara came to the rescue and pried his little fingers open, so we could get this goofy looking thing as a result. And we only got a few smudges of paint on our clothes. Another win.


I could not stop laughing when the time came for the little people photo-op and Benjamin got extremely confused and anxious, then pulled his freak-out card.


Most of the time, Benjamin could be found chowing down on any toy or object within reach. But, as one would expect at a Valentine’s Day party, he did get a little distracted by the ladies…  (You can click on the pictures below to read the text better!)


Here are all the little cupids, like ducks in a row.  NOTE: You don’t see me, but I am crouched on the side of Ben, propping him up on the arm-rest so that he can get a leg up on the big kids.  ALSO NOTE: This was after he freaked out and we took a moment to calm down. Trusty thumb came to the rescue.

Ben Valentines Playdate

I love my little cupid.

Something else I love (although only 0.0001% as much as my Ben) is PicMonkey, which I used to make these photo collages.


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