A String Thing

In a former life, Benjamin was a cat. Here he was as a kitten:

Reincarnation is tricky…. so upon further consideration, he might actually have been this next little guy. We’re not sure.

Either way… the reason we know he was a cat is that he has an all-consuming fetish for strings (and string-like thingamajigs).  He enjoys finding them, catching them, batting them, staring into their pendulous wonderment, and most of all: chewing on them. You tell me, how is this not a cat?

It took less than 5 minutes to scan the house for some of his favorites. I put them together below, just so that you can see the eclectic variety of strings that make up his sophisticated palate…


As you might notice, he does have some partiality toward sweatshirt strings hanging from my neck and strings from the curtain pulls. Once his eyes lock in on these varieties and he manages to get one in his little fist, he let’s out a particularly blissful sigh (an Epic Sigh, in fact), as if all his dreams have now been fulfilled. As if he has achieved every noble purpose in this life and he is now ready to move on to the next life…. as a… STRING, of course.

I tried to capture the adorable perfection of the Epic Sigh, but every time I took my phone out he got too distracted. Unfortunately, the one thing in the world he loves more than strings is my phone.

But as a consolation, I did get some pretty cute stuff on video when I offered him my Glorious Sweatshirtstrings earlier this morning:



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