Ben & Nana

My mom celebrated her birthday with us in Baltimore. We had so much fun and packed in a lot…pizza making, yoga, getting the world’s best massages, dinner at Dooby’s, an Irish play at Centerstage, and LOTS of playing and crafting.  Since I know she will be reading this  (Hi Mom! :)… here is a note from Benjamin about all the things he misses from your visit.

Top 5 Reasons Benjamin Misses Nana

1. I miss Nana’s ingenious double screen time in the backseat of the car. Now I have to scream my head off all by myself without the double iPhone distraction to save me from myself. 


2. I miss Nana’s expert cuddles during my sleepy bedtime bottle. No one holds my bottle for me anymore. Don’t let that Dad fellow fool you, this nine-month-old does all the work around here.


3. I miss Nana’s superb diaper changes. No one else seems to adore changing my diaper anymore like she did. Jeesh…What does it take to get appreciated for a good quality poo around here?


4. I miss Nana’s sophisticated animal noises during storytime. I never realized what amateurs Mom & Dad were until I experienced stories with my clever and amusing Nana.


5. I miss yoga with Nana. How is my Cobra pose looking, Nana?


Toby Misses Nana Too!



Mom… I’m sure you are going through withdrawals now that you are back in Michigan, so here are a few more pics for your Benjamin-fix. 🙂







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