Sharing is Caring

While Mommy and Daddy have been practicing crawling and cruising with Benjamin, Toby is making sure he learns the essential art of playing with the tennis ball. Toby is an excellent teacher. First, he models the skill. Then, he passes the ball to Ben. Then he watches patiently as Ben practices.


I’ve stopped caring about Benjamin putting the tennis ball in his mouth. If he was going to catch some weird dog disease, he would have gotten it by now. For awhile I would say “No” and gently pull the ball away from his mouth. He learned the word “No” pretty quickly so that eventually I would say “No” just once and then Ben would turn the ball around and around in his hands, visibly fighting the urge to put it in his mouth. I was pretty impressed he could learn this and demonstrate such self-control! But now the two of them play with the ball together so often that I’ve stopped trying to police things.

I’m pretty sure our son is growing up half-human, half-dog.


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