Saint Toby

Ben bops Toby on the face or grabs handfuls of his fur in a vice grip pretty much daily. I try to teach him to pet Toby. I really do. But I am not redirecting Benjamin in this video because I just needed to document the inhumane treatment Toby puts up with on Ben’s account. One day, when Toby is a decrepit elderly man dog and Benjamin is a teenager and forgets all the sacrifices made by his old pal, I will play this video.

The face slaps actually started about 2 minutes prior to me getting this on film. Can you believe Toby’s patience!?

Before you go and nominate Toby for Canonization, it should be noted that he often has ulterior motives. Toby is constantly on the prowl for “treats” from Ben’s face (especially when Mommy is not looking). Benjamin has been a repository of snot lately as he tries to shake a 2-week cold. And an endless trickle of slobber is a given here in babyland. These are some of Toby’s favorite freebies. So perhaps Benjamin is really just defending himself from all the licking? Or getting revenge? Or asserting his alpha male status?

The jury is out.


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