A Hard-Won Cup of Joe

A quick preface: 1) This post might have a first-world-problem tone.  2) The past few days (or weeks?), have left me pretty sleep deprived. My breakneck pace in my curriculum writing job, John’s crazy workload, and Ben’s wakefulness with his never-ending cold, have made me even more coffee-dependent than usual.

photo (44)

It is 3:24pm and I am chugging the glorious cup of coffee pictured above. It is my FIRST cup of the day. The dark clouds of hopelessness are finally lifting. My hands have stopped shaking and my headache is retreating.

I woke up with Benjamin at 5:40am, and made a beeline for the coffeemaker. We were out of coffee.

When the small grocery store a few blocks from us finally opened at 9am, we took a field trip to get Mommy more coffee. Worried that a suspicious man was going to snatch Toby (who was tied up outside), I grabbed the expensive Zeke’s (a Baltimore favorite!) because it was in a display right up front. Having never splurged on Zeke’s, I was pretty stoked for this long awaited coffee. We got home and I put Benjamin down for a nap. He went down like champ and I made my second beeline of the day for the coffeemaker. Only to realize I had bought WHOLE BEANS.

What’s wrong with whole beans!? More flavorful and fresh, right?  We usually buy them, but in this moment I was not pleased. I had failed to consider that grinding beans (LOUD!) + naptime (QUIET) = screamo baby + no nap. And no nap = unhappy baby = exhaustion = my death jump from the 21st floor.  I figured I could wait it out (painfully) until the little man awoke.  I do not mess with naps, although this might have been the closest I have ever come.

Alright, I’ll speed up the story now…Nap ends, repair man shows up. Coffee delayed. Repair man leaves, we’re almost late for storytime at the libarary. Coffee delayed. We get home, someone is tired and sobbing, nap time. Coffee delayed. Nap time ends, nurse, diaper, BEELINE for coffee grinder. The joyful cacophony of beans pulverizing to dust.

I hovered over the brewing coffee until the second it was done. And then my day finally began.


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