Artbaby Adores Avocado

Some random updates mixed up with moments of our day:

1) Ben is 9 months old. As soon as his nose is no longer a snot faucet, you’ll see his 9 month pictures. I feel like my baby is growing way too fast, so I keep putting him into small spaces to make sure he still fits.

Ben in Toybin

2) It was 61 degrees today! Thank goodness. We were starting to get the crazies from being all cooped up, so today we spent some much needed time outdoors.

photo 3 (2)

3) Case in point: Last week we were going so stir-crazy (and Ben was such a little clingy monkey from his “marathon” cold–I seriously think it lasted 26 days) that I decided to take him for walks indoors. We walked up and down the hallway… we went up and down the elevator… we  circled the apartment about 80 times. Then we got bored of that, so we took Toby for a walk:

4) Today, Benjamin had the first of three “ArtBabies” classes at the Walters Art Museum. He LOVED it! He’s at the perfect age to get more involved, especially since we called it quits on his once-weekly daycare. While I don’t want to overwhelm his days (or mine!) with too much, I am planning to start a weekly music or swim class (or both?), as well as storytime on Friday or Saturday (or both?) at the library, which is also a short walk away.

photo 2 (2)

5) When does the “knock down towers” phase begin? I keep building towers & trying to get Ben into it, but he hasn’t really taken the bait yet. A bunch of us parents were sitting around the babies at class and towers were going up left and right, but none of the babies seemed interested. Except for the 10.5 month old who went straight for our awesomely huge block tower. Ben and his friend Owen here were too busy working on crawling.

photo 3 (1)

6) Favorite food these days: AVOCADO! The little man eats it straight out of the skin and would probably eat the whole thing if I didn’t stop him.

photo (46)

7) Daylight savings was manna from the sleep gods above. Ben has alway struggled to stay up past 6pm. Now he makes it until 7, so John gets to see more of him! Other facts about Ben’s sleep: He is still doing an early morning wakeup around 4-5am. If I’m feeling brave I let him cry it out and he usually falls back to sleep after 15-20m, then wakes up around 6:30. If I’m not up for hearing him cry, I go in to nurse him and he sleeps until 7:30. Yes, I know I should probably just pick one and be consistent so as not to confuse him. He is also down to a 2 naps/day rhythm (at 10am & 2pm). He usually sleeps for an hour and some change and wakes up cooing or crying. I don’t often get to wake him up, but I had to before his 9-month doctor appointment last week . Could it get any cuter?

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3)

8) We are ramping up the eating. We learned at his appointment that he’s dropped to 20th percentile for weight. WHAT!? (He is still 85th for height.) So this skinny little man (except for his thunder thighs!) has some work to do. We’re adding snacks galore to our day more formula to supplement his bedtime bottle. In the past week, he has made strides in figuring out how to pick up his own food and developing more patience to practice his pincer grip, so he has been less frustrated at mealtime. And the avocados should help.


9) We are reading SO many stories. So, so many. It’s pretty much Benjamin’s favorite thing to do. On an average day, I’d say we read about 15. On some of his sick, clingy days in the past few weeks, we’ve read at least 30+. His favorite? Caps for Sale. (Who doesn’t love that book!?) Other faves: Brown Bear, The Hungry Caterpillar, Tails (in the pic), Peek-a-Who…..I could go on for a while. He’s been turning pages for quite awhile now and his patience is continuously developing. If it’s a story he doesn’t love though, he’ll hurry me up by trying to turn the pages faster. If it’s a story I don’t love, I creatively narrate to make it more concise.

photo 1 (1)


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