Frozen in Time

I am going to miss the lazy mornings this year has blessed me with. I will probably never again have the luxury of working from home. It’s likely that I won’t catch nearly as many mesmerizing sunrises, and surely not from such a stunning aerial perch. My first baby will certainly never be 9 months old again! I won’t get to indulge in meandering morning walks with two little creatures: exploring, making spontaneous stops, soaking in the world. The pace of life will soon go from a trot… to a gallop… to a sprint.

One of my resolutions this year was to have a more balanced perspective on a daily basis. What, specifically, does that mean for me? Well first, I think I was born a natural optimist and idealist; I truly appreciate the general outlook those traits give me. And I think I’ve always been pretty good at stopping to do a reality-check when things get too overwhelming. But unfortunately I am also (without fail) FAR, FAR too ambitious with my time. So on a day-to-day basis, my happiness gas-tank usually starts to peter out as the evening wears on and I realized that 90% of my to-do list will not get done.  Sound familiar? I think this is true for a lot of us.

So the wheels started spinning in my head about this dilemma again over the past year…as my life started transitioning from my first career (education) to the next (medicine)…  from the freedom of simply living for myself to catering to the constant needs of a little one and a blossoming family… from Chicago to Baltimore… to Ann Arbor so soon.

And what I realized is that I need to work on being mindful. Living in the present. Being content with the 10%. Choosing the 10% wisely. Choosing joy. Noticing the tiny details. Smiling more genuinely. Smelling the fresh laundry rather than just folding it. Seeing people. Marveling in this life.

Some of this marveling is made easier by this sweet little cherub. Babies definitely help slow one down, in a good way.

In keeping with my quest for balanced perspective each and every day, I decided that I’ll choose one day each month to grab random shots in black and white throughout the day. For some reason b&w photos just make me feel like time is momentarily frozen. And that brief respite from the fierce spinning of the globe beneath my feet allows me to notice all those tiny details.










…even the tiniest details of how he cries.



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