9 months & Off to San Fran!

Benjamin is actually 9 months + 20 days today. But we finally got around to shooting these 9 month pics. Better late than never!


After a game of peekaboo with Mommy.



During a game of Drop-It-Mommy-Says-UhOh. This is his thinking face… “Hmmm…What will she do if I drop it?”




They were in the middle of the usual Dog-Lick-Face/Boy-Pull-Hair gridlock when I called their names.  They’re all like, “Huh? What? Nope. Everything is fine. No trouble here.”




A crying baby looks way cuter with a happy monkey on board.



More silly games. Also, what do you do when baby outgrows the changing pad but still has a year of diaper changes to go? Floor it?



Up to trouble once again.



And one short video full of chuckles:

I have more shots, but no time to post any more today. We’re in full force travel-prep here. We’re heading to San Francisco tomorrow for the wedding of our awesome friends Drew & Zoe. We also get to spend time with Benjamins Aunt Monica, Uncle Andy, & cousins Daniel & Cameron. He will love it!  Then Benjamin and I head to Michigan to spend time with Nana & Papa for the week. Yay! 🙂

This will be Benjamin’s first flight. Luckily, we have friends with little ones so I’ve been picking their brains all week about how to survive a flight with a baby.

Good luck to Laura (dear friend I miss so much!) and her little lady Lila (one of Benny’s many loves!) who also have their first flight this week, on Friday.

May the odds be ever in our favor.

Babies. Flying. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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