Grass for Easter (Not that kind!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

photo (67)

Since yesterday was 4/20 (also a different kind of holiday for some, especially Ann Arborites), you might have been fooled by the title into thinking I was about to talk about that other kind of grass. No…Goodness, No!

Yesterday, Benjamin’s favorite part of Easter was sitting in real grass!

His first experience touching and sitting in grass was actually a few weeks ago in California. But he freaked out, was totally overwhelmed, and sobbed! (To cut him some slack, he’d been traveling and was overtired and hungry at the time).  But yesterday we had a chance to play in the grass again. And he LOVED it!  For a city baby who has really only started gaining mobility during this long, cold winter, grass is such a fun new Spring-time discovery! So despite the hundreds of eggs just laying around waiting to be “found,” Benjamin and his buddies Emerson and Leila just wanted to marvel the grass.

photo (66)



And then Ben said, “Leila, my dearest, be careful! We do not yet know what this grass is capable of.”


photo (65)



Rewind a few days… On Good Friday, Ben & Emerson had a playdate at the Easter Bunny Brunch & Train Ride at the B&O Railway Museum. They were petrified of the Easter bunny.  However, the fact that both boys were terrified by the bunny was made up for by their sheer delight at the train ride. They especially loved standing in the seats!






Strangely, that big blue guy museum train character didn’t seem to phase either of them. I think he was equally as scary as the bunny.


Eggs…Bunnies… Easter…   As you can tell, to Benjamin, the grass was the highlight of it all.



Ben Meets the Famous (unborn) Baby Z

Our dear friends Kevin (Moneyball) & Kory came to visit last weekend from Boston (Still catching up on life!). They are both amazing… brilliant, always so thoughtful, full of laughter & fun, just genuinely good people. I could go on… But most importantly they are expecting Baby Z (or Baby $ball?) this August! Benjamin will have another little buddy, and we are hoping they end up moving back to Ann Arbor next year too!

On Friday, we walked around Fell’s point. The Privateer Festival was just getting underway, so Kory took the opportunity to test out being a pregnant pirate. And Benjamin tried his first ever FAMOUS Rita’s custard! We will definitely be getting more of that!


We spent lots of time playing at home and just hanging out. Kevin & Kory lived in Baltimore for several years before moving to Boston so they didn’t need to “see the sights.” So it was a relaxing time! Here is Ben playing with the airplane pilot from the awesome gift they brought him to commemorate his first flights last week!


John and Moneyball were housemates in college. Almost 10 years later…


Kory practicing her book-reading-to-baby skills.  This girl needs no practice though…she’s a natural!



Our big dinner outing was the Helmand (YUM!) and we followed it up with a good old Midwestern game of Euchre. There are very few other practices that make one feel more ridiculously Midwestern than “milking the cow” once you are “in the barn.” As you can tell, it was a close game. We both had to take our turn at 9 points.

We will have our fingers crossed for the next several months, hoping Kevin lands a job at Michigan! 🙂


PS. Benjamin and I are both on antibiotics. I took him to the pediatrician Monday to check up on a 2-week long cold & cough. He had a mild double ear infection. Poor guy! And I had the worst sore throat I’ve ever had last Saturday… to the point that I could barely swallow! I was sure it was Strep (turns out, it wasn’t, but just some other unknown bug). At Urgent Care on Sunday morning, I was given a shot of Prednisone in the butt because my uvula (that little thing hanging in the back of the throat) was so swollen it was blocking my airway. I was googling Prednisone in the exam room while waiting and was unsure if I should get it based on the ominous list of side effects, but the doctor said she would force me to go to the ER if I did not. It turned out to be a smart move!

PPS. This one is more fun…  Our friends Tom & Joanna had their adorable son yesterday! We can’t wait to meet little Oliver!



Nana & Papa’s House

I’m in catch-up mode! Here are some shots from a few weeks ago at Nana & Papa’s on our Spring Break visit.

Playing “Handsie” with Auntie Loren. This is the equivalent of footsie, I guess. Benjamin is becoming quite a flirt!


Reading stories with Nana. We are fully expecting her to teach him to read before he starts preschool.  (JK!)


Knocking down Nana’s block towers.


 And sprint-crawling to knock down a giant block tower made by Uncle Patrick.

photo (59)


Wrestling with Papa.

photo (63)

Stealing Audie’s Kong.


Audie will come up to you and bury her head in your lap until you pull her back legs over hear head (effectively forcing her into a somersault) so that she lands in this position for a belly rub. What a nut!

photo (62)

World’s youngest iPhone addict.


Docking stations at Nana’s. These are Uncle Patrick’s from 17 years ago (I was 11 when he was born). What a weird blast into the past.


Bottles every night with Nana is a sure-fire way to make a grandbaby fall in love.


Me & my munchkin!


The whole family, minus Loren & John. John was in Baltimore. Loren was taking this photo because I couldn’t figure out the automatic timer. Luckily, my dad got his working…but I don’t have the ones he took with Loren in them to post. 😦


Nana & Papa. Lovely picture. 🙂


D-d-d-d-d-d (Ben says Doggie!)

Benjamin’s latest obsession is chasing Toby around the house at a full-speed run, yelling “d-d-d-d-d-d.” It is incredible.  This is his first attempt at a word that’s not mama or dada, so we’re pretty psyched.

I will try to catch it on video soon, but for now here is our favorite d-d-d-d-d-d napping:

photo 2 (4)


photo 1 (5)


PS. Toby often sleeps with his tongue out? How adorable is that!?

Benja-MAN & His Very Cool Cousins

California was a blast because we got to spend so much time with our nephews.

Cameron dubbed little Ben: “Benja-MAN.”  It has an awesome super-hero ring to it, so we’ve found ourselves continuing to call him by this adorable name even now back at home. Cam is quite a sweet guy, and he’s almost out of the Terrible Twos (according to age at least). Hooray!  But even his “terrible” side is pretty adorable!


The bad weather followed us to sunny CA, so it was overcast & rainy much of the time we were there. We soaked up as much sunshine as we could outdoors (which wasn’t enough!).


Both Daniel & Cam were so sweet with Baby Benja-man. Daniel loved picking him up!


Daniel is a superstar baller. Here he is showing off his dunking skills. He made John and I come up with every possible dunk under the sun to challenge him with.


We beat the rain on our last day by going to Junior Gym.


Benja-man selected the correct color blocks. Even after the heartbreaking loss over the weekend, he wanted to be clear that he was a loyal and dedicated fan.



Cameron braved the zipline. Several times!


And the very best picture of all… Daniel decides to try on Uncle John’s shoes. Check out that pose!



Coffee & hoops.




Watching the Preschool March Madness.



Bedtime bottle. As long as milk is involved, Ben can sleep almost anywhere, even +/- 3 hours with time zone changes.



California kisses.


Little Traveler Returns Home

It’s amazing how much a baby can change in just one week. Last night we returned from a 10-day trip to California & Michigan, and today I noticed so many new things about our little Benjamin, who is now 10 months old!

  • Before this trip, he was just starting to crawl. Now he scurries around like a little insect, even despite the slippery hardwood floors.
  • Before this trip, he wanted to constantly be supported to cruise around all of the furniture (backbreaking work considering he had very little balance). Now he is cruising on his own (with a spotter, of course!).
  • Before this trip, he was taking tentative steps while holding our hands, now he practically runs across the room dragging us along when he wants to go somewhere.
  • Before this trip, I was teaching him to wave. While we were traveling he mastered the wave. (He first showed off this new skill in the middle of the crowded airport terminal while shrieking at the top of his lungs. Picture every head turning and laughing! 🙂
  • Before this trip, he understood the meaning of “no.” Now he seems fascinated with testing it. (Toby’s dog food is a new favorite hangout).
  • Before this trip, he was easy to distract. Now he seems to be aware that he can choose what to do and is showing some serious persistence in getting what he wants. For example, today he spent several minutes babbling to the TV, then shouting at it, then looking for the remote (he knows that’s how it turns on). Once I caved in and decided to put on Baby Einstein for 5 minutes, he erupted in victorious laughter.


Traveling was exhausting for Benjamin, but he had a blast. So many new people, experiences, and discoveries…it was perfect for his little sponge of a mind.



I was worried he would be bored when we got home, but so far he has just had a blast re-discovering all of his toys and books.



I have so many pictures and fun moments to share from the trip, so I’ll post them throughout the week.

For now, enjoy the video I took of our little man laughing hysterically today. We’ve been learning parts of the face lately and he is absolutely enamored by the newest part I taught him today:  the tongue. You can’t see me in the video, but I’m putting a Cheerio on my tongue and then dramatically gulping it into my mouth. He was in stitches.