Benja-MAN & His Very Cool Cousins

California was a blast because we got to spend so much time with our nephews.

Cameron dubbed little Ben: “Benja-MAN.”  It has an awesome super-hero ring to it, so we’ve found ourselves continuing to call him by this adorable name even now back at home. Cam is quite a sweet guy, and he’s almost out of the Terrible Twos (according to age at least). Hooray!  But even his “terrible” side is pretty adorable!


The bad weather followed us to sunny CA, so it was overcast & rainy much of the time we were there. We soaked up as much sunshine as we could outdoors (which wasn’t enough!).


Both Daniel & Cam were so sweet with Baby Benja-man. Daniel loved picking him up!


Daniel is a superstar baller. Here he is showing off his dunking skills. He made John and I come up with every possible dunk under the sun to challenge him with.


We beat the rain on our last day by going to Junior Gym.


Benja-man selected the correct color blocks. Even after the heartbreaking loss over the weekend, he wanted to be clear that he was a loyal and dedicated fan.



Cameron braved the zipline. Several times!


And the very best picture of all… Daniel decides to try on Uncle John’s shoes. Check out that pose!



Coffee & hoops.




Watching the Preschool March Madness.



Bedtime bottle. As long as milk is involved, Ben can sleep almost anywhere, even +/- 3 hours with time zone changes.



California kisses.



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