Little Traveler Returns Home

It’s amazing how much a baby can change in just one week. Last night we returned from a 10-day trip to California & Michigan, and today I noticed so many new things about our little Benjamin, who is now 10 months old!

  • Before this trip, he was just starting to crawl. Now he scurries around like a little insect, even despite the slippery hardwood floors.
  • Before this trip, he wanted to constantly be supported to cruise around all of the furniture (backbreaking work considering he had very little balance). Now he is cruising on his own (with a spotter, of course!).
  • Before this trip, he was taking tentative steps while holding our hands, now he practically runs across the room dragging us along when he wants to go somewhere.
  • Before this trip, I was teaching him to wave. While we were traveling he mastered the wave. (He first showed off this new skill in the middle of the crowded airport terminal while shrieking at the top of his lungs. Picture every head turning and laughing! 🙂
  • Before this trip, he understood the meaning of “no.” Now he seems fascinated with testing it. (Toby’s dog food is a new favorite hangout).
  • Before this trip, he was easy to distract. Now he seems to be aware that he can choose what to do and is showing some serious persistence in getting what he wants. For example, today he spent several minutes babbling to the TV, then shouting at it, then looking for the remote (he knows that’s how it turns on). Once I caved in and decided to put on Baby Einstein for 5 minutes, he erupted in victorious laughter.


Traveling was exhausting for Benjamin, but he had a blast. So many new people, experiences, and discoveries…it was perfect for his little sponge of a mind.



I was worried he would be bored when we got home, but so far he has just had a blast re-discovering all of his toys and books.



I have so many pictures and fun moments to share from the trip, so I’ll post them throughout the week.

For now, enjoy the video I took of our little man laughing hysterically today. We’ve been learning parts of the face lately and he is absolutely enamored by the newest part I taught him today:  the tongue. You can’t see me in the video, but I’m putting a Cheerio on my tongue and then dramatically gulping it into my mouth. He was in stitches.






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