Nana & Papa’s House

I’m in catch-up mode! Here are some shots from a few weeks ago at Nana & Papa’s on our Spring Break visit.

Playing “Handsie” with Auntie Loren. This is the equivalent of footsie, I guess. Benjamin is becoming quite a flirt!


Reading stories with Nana. We are fully expecting her to teach him to read before he starts preschool.  (JK!)


Knocking down Nana’s block towers.


 And sprint-crawling to knock down a giant block tower made by Uncle Patrick.

photo (59)


Wrestling with Papa.

photo (63)

Stealing Audie’s Kong.


Audie will come up to you and bury her head in your lap until you pull her back legs over hear head (effectively forcing her into a somersault) so that she lands in this position for a belly rub. What a nut!

photo (62)

World’s youngest iPhone addict.


Docking stations at Nana’s. These are Uncle Patrick’s from 17 years ago (I was 11 when he was born). What a weird blast into the past.


Bottles every night with Nana is a sure-fire way to make a grandbaby fall in love.


Me & my munchkin!


The whole family, minus Loren & John. John was in Baltimore. Loren was taking this photo because I couldn’t figure out the automatic timer. Luckily, my dad got his working…but I don’t have the ones he took with Loren in them to post. 😦


Nana & Papa. Lovely picture. 🙂



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