Ben Meets the Famous (unborn) Baby Z

Our dear friends Kevin (Moneyball) & Kory came to visit last weekend from Boston (Still catching up on life!). They are both amazing… brilliant, always so thoughtful, full of laughter & fun, just genuinely good people. I could go on… But most importantly they are expecting Baby Z (or Baby $ball?) this August! Benjamin will have another little buddy, and we are hoping they end up moving back to Ann Arbor next year too!

On Friday, we walked around Fell’s point. The Privateer Festival was just getting underway, so Kory took the opportunity to test out being a pregnant pirate. And Benjamin tried his first ever FAMOUS Rita’s custard! We will definitely be getting more of that!


We spent lots of time playing at home and just hanging out. Kevin & Kory lived in Baltimore for several years before moving to Boston so they didn’t need to “see the sights.” So it was a relaxing time! Here is Ben playing with the airplane pilot from the awesome gift they brought him to commemorate his first flights last week!


John and Moneyball were housemates in college. Almost 10 years later…


Kory practicing her book-reading-to-baby skills.  This girl needs no practice though…she’s a natural!



Our big dinner outing was the Helmand (YUM!) and we followed it up with a good old Midwestern game of Euchre. There are very few other practices that make one feel more ridiculously Midwestern than “milking the cow” once you are “in the barn.” As you can tell, it was a close game. We both had to take our turn at 9 points.

We will have our fingers crossed for the next several months, hoping Kevin lands a job at Michigan! 🙂


PS. Benjamin and I are both on antibiotics. I took him to the pediatrician Monday to check up on a 2-week long cold & cough. He had a mild double ear infection. Poor guy! And I had the worst sore throat I’ve ever had last Saturday… to the point that I could barely swallow! I was sure it was Strep (turns out, it wasn’t, but just some other unknown bug). At Urgent Care on Sunday morning, I was given a shot of Prednisone in the butt because my uvula (that little thing hanging in the back of the throat) was so swollen it was blocking my airway. I was googling Prednisone in the exam room while waiting and was unsure if I should get it based on the ominous list of side effects, but the doctor said she would force me to go to the ER if I did not. It turned out to be a smart move!

PPS. This one is more fun…  Our friends Tom & Joanna had their adorable son yesterday! We can’t wait to meet little Oliver!




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