Grass for Easter (Not that kind!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

photo (67)

Since yesterday was 4/20 (also a different kind of holiday for some, especially Ann Arborites), you might have been fooled by the title into thinking I was about to talk about that other kind of grass. No…Goodness, No!

Yesterday, Benjamin’s favorite part of Easter was sitting in real grass!

His first experience touching and sitting in grass was actually a few weeks ago in California. But he freaked out, was totally overwhelmed, and sobbed! (To cut him some slack, he’d been traveling and was overtired and hungry at the time).  But yesterday we had a chance to play in the grass again. And he LOVED it!  For a city baby who has really only started gaining mobility during this long, cold winter, grass is such a fun new Spring-time discovery! So despite the hundreds of eggs just laying around waiting to be “found,” Benjamin and his buddies Emerson and Leila just wanted to marvel the grass.

photo (66)



And then Ben said, “Leila, my dearest, be careful! We do not yet know what this grass is capable of.”


photo (65)



Rewind a few days… On Good Friday, Ben & Emerson had a playdate at the Easter Bunny Brunch & Train Ride at the B&O Railway Museum. They were petrified of the Easter bunny.  However, the fact that both boys were terrified by the bunny was made up for by their sheer delight at the train ride. They especially loved standing in the seats!






Strangely, that big blue guy museum train character didn’t seem to phase either of them. I think he was equally as scary as the bunny.


Eggs…Bunnies… Easter…   As you can tell, to Benjamin, the grass was the highlight of it all.



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