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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. It’s been a long hiatus from the blog, but I’ll try to recap with a few pics.

My little baby brother turned 18! WHOA! How did that happen? Nate and I took him to the casino to lose a few bucks. I made him a cake (and enjoyed some Two Hearted, obviously).

17 years ago, I was reading this uncle his bedtime stories. ūüôā

photo 1 (10)

Ben had a wonderful time¬†at his Nana & Papa’s (and his Grammy’s too). He stayed busy¬†doing all his usual stuff (opening/closing cabinets, manning the remotes, hanging w/ furry friends…) and some new stuff too (playing musical instruments–xylophone, guitar, piano, etc., almost walking!, developing a chronic hilarious fake cough/laugh…).


We took a quick trip down to Island Park. Ben had fun w/ Auntie Loren, Uncle Nate, & Nana. It was actually his first swing & slide experience, since we don’t have any walkable parks here in B’More.

photo 4 (3)


He thinks he is pretty cool…

photo 4 (2)


This morning we had to be in the car by 5am to head to the airport to fly back to B’more. This is what 5am looked like. It was hard to interrupt such a cute sleeper.


photo 3 (7)

It was so great to be home, but it is so great to be home.

Seriously… I say home in both respects with such sincerity. (When does the definition of “home” officially become just one place? Does it ever? I hope not…)

Benjamin hadn’t seen his Daddy in TWO WEEKS! Seeing them hang out all day was simply the best.


Seeing Toby & Ben reunite was a close second.

photo (71)

And it was great to finally have a spouse again. ūüôā John had the apartment sparkling and a lovely bunch of flowers, wine & card waiting. What a sweet husband!


photo 2 (9)


Joyful Mama

Happy Mother’s Day to the newest mother I know, Mariko, who welcomed the most adorable¬†little lady (Emiko) into the world less than two weeks ago! ¬†I just can’t stop peeking over at their blog to see little Emi’s sweet face.

Yesterday, my boys treated me well. But now it’s Monday morning.¬†So I think making a list of the little things that made yesterday so joyful will help me remember to continue to be joyful for the other 364 days of the year. ¬†ūüôā

1. A sweet wake up from my happy little nugget at 6:30am. Sleeping in was definitely the plan, but his giggles got the better of me!

2. A 4-mile¬†run¬†around Inner Harbor. Longest run since before I was¬†pregnant (20+ months ago…). Hey there, Endorphins, nice to meet you again.

3. A family walk to the Farmer’s Market.¬†Toby was literally smiling from ear to ear and there was a cute little bounce to his step.¬†He was also doing his proud walk. Dogs are pack animals, and Toby has some serious Pack Pride.

4. Carrot Cake Cupcakes. I could eat you forever.

5. Picnic in¬†Sherwood Gardens. ¬†So many beautiful flowers, interspersed with other adorable families picnicking. I have some pretty pictures I’ll post later this week.

6. Scallop & Asparagus Dinner. With a side of Mushroom Spaetzle. Thank you to my personal chef!

7. Her. Watching a movie felt like such a luxurious break from the grind of things lately. And this one is a winner, musically and visually at least, although John and I both had a few beefs with the script.

8.¬†And finally, an 11-month old who simply could not stop laughing.¬†Toby always goes berserk after getting a bath. He sprints around the apartment and rolls around like he’s gone mad. Today, Benjamin witnessed this for the first time and thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world.


A New Kind of Peekaboo

Benjamin’s new trick of the day: ¬†Initiating games of Peekaboo on his own!

Two days ago his new trick was pointing (& basically using his pointer finger non-stop). Yesterday it was walking while holding only one hand (instead of two).

He is changing at the speed of light.¬†Every day, something new! ūüôā

Ten Months

Before I get you all confused, Benjamin is ELEVEN months today. But I just realized I never posted his 10 month pictures! So I’ll catch up with 10 today, and save 11 for tomorrow.

To be quite honest though, he has not been a big fan of getting his picture taken lately. His happiest, giggliest times are when I’m¬†tickling him, wrestling him, and tossing him up in the air, not when I’m behind a camera. ¬†And when he sees me pull out the¬†camera or my phone, he MUST TOUCH AND TASTE THEM NOW!

Nevertheless, we got a couple of cute ones:


Opening and closing these cabinet doors is so, so satisfying when you are 10 months old.


10MonthsThere is no point in fighting the drool.


And the drool comes out in buckets when Baby Einstein comes on.



Hands and feet are not so tiny now, but still so chubby and cute!



And… we’re done.

A Babbling Baller

Benjamin is so ready to talk (in his head, at least!). Of course, he still has a long way to go. But he has started babbling all day long and gets quite conversational about it if you babble back to him. He even uses “ah-da” for all done (and other things) and “ha-ba” for hello (and other things). He also says “Mama” and “Dada” a lot (of course),¬†but by far the most frequent is¬†“Nana” (or more like “NANANANANA!!!!”) I’m pretty sure that he understands it to mean¬†3 things: 1) Nana, 2) a banana, and 3)¬†and this is by far the most frequent meaning–I want something NOW!

He has also fallen in love with playing ball with Toby and has become quite adept at throwing the ball for him. These are a few minutes long, but check them out if you have some time:

Benjamin and Toby play ball:

Playing ball again and an almost-wipeout at the end: (Don’t worry, Mommy saves the day!)