Ten Months

Before I get you all confused, Benjamin is ELEVEN months today. But I just realized I never posted his 10 month pictures! So I’ll catch up with 10 today, and save 11 for tomorrow.

To be quite honest though, he has not been a big fan of getting his picture taken lately. His happiest, giggliest times are when I’m tickling him, wrestling him, and tossing him up in the air, not when I’m behind a camera.  And when he sees me pull out the camera or my phone, he MUST TOUCH AND TASTE THEM NOW!

Nevertheless, we got a couple of cute ones:


Opening and closing these cabinet doors is so, so satisfying when you are 10 months old.


10MonthsThere is no point in fighting the drool.


And the drool comes out in buckets when Baby Einstein comes on.



Hands and feet are not so tiny now, but still so chubby and cute!



And… we’re done.