On this day…

June 5th.

On this day last year……..I was driving back to Chicago, from Senior Camp in Michigan, with one of my favorite people: L.Bals. (There was no chance two very pregnant ladies were about to get on a bus full of students.)


Camp was an incredible time. But looking back, I wish I had known it was really my last time with the 18 amazing & beautiful senior girls that were the Meixner Exclusives for four years. Had I known, I would have given them my farewell speech & their graduation gifts. I would have forced them all to give me one hundred hugs and taken one thousand pictures. I would have let them finally rub my belly.

Meixner Advisory Rainbow


But Benjamin wasn’t due for 10 more days, so I thought I had plenty of time. Hah! Everyone said first babies come late. My mom delivered both me and my older brother late (my older brother was a whole month late almost…they actually let you do that back then!) Although some people said I was crazy to go to camp, I would not have missed it FOR THE WORLD.

In any case, as we had our last campfire and taught a few of our our city slickers how to roast ‘mallows for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the whole thing. My babies had somehow all grown up. And my new baby was on his way, so very soon. It was almost too much.

There are so, so many students in this picture that will hold a very special place in my heart for all time to come.


And so, so many colleagues & dear friends who were simply the very best human beings that human beings can be. And made me who I am today. And whom I miss fiercely.  (see: senior advisors at prom below, but there were many more…)


Anyway, back to 6.5.13.  L. Bals and I joked on our way home from camp that we’re both lucky we didn’t have pregnancy drama on the trip and lucky I didn’t go into labor. The drive was pretty bumpy because my car needed new Struts. Shocks? (insert-Correct-Car-Part-here). I think I even joked that all the jostling was going to break my water.

It did. (But not in the car.)

Approximately 8 hours after arriving home it broke. John was up until 2:30am working his tail off to finish his dissertation. He came to bed and “gently” nudged me over.  Perhaps it wasn’t the car, but John’s elbow that made things go POP?  😉 …One will never know.

Side note on events that transpired: Water breaks. Random stuff is thrown into bags. Car seat is installed, probably incorrectly. Google search on “when to go to hospital after water breaks” is performed. Call hospital: OB gives confusing answer. We ride on waves of panic & excitement until 6am, when Toby can be dropped off at the kennel. I think I might have showered and cleaned the kitchen?…I can’t really remember. Last picture is taken. Hop Waddle into car. Call parents with shaky hands. (so. much. adrenaline.) GO TIME!

last preggo pic

The entire birth story is here, if you are interested.

I think the truth is this: Ben just knew how awesome June 6th was. He knew that sharing his mommy’s birthday would make her heart grow a size bigger with every passing year. And he simply couldn’t wait one day longer to meet this beautiful world and start learning how to be the very best human being a human being can be. Luckily, his momma has received many lessons from all of you to pass on to him.

With a bursting heart, happy FIRST BIRTHDAY tomorrow to my Benjamin!


My 6/6 buddy.



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