Farmer’s Market

We have very few summer weekends left in Baltimore. With trips back to Michigan and a few B’more bucket list trips still on deck (DC, Delaware shore, Richmond…), we might be here only 3-4 more weekends. This doesn’t make me sad, but it does make me already start missing certain things.

One of those things is the Farmer’s Market. I know, I know. Ann Arbor supposedly has a great Farmer’s Market. Confession: I don’t think I ate healthy or local enough in college to ever recall actually shopping for produce there, although I have certainly walked through a few times. I know I’ve seen enough of AA’s to say that B’more’s FM wins.

Here are a few shots from last weekend when we met Seth, Tree, Clara & Chelsea down there. We didn’t stay long, but these sweet little peas gave Ben a birthday present (a toy cell phone which he now LOVES) and we all watched the hula hoop man for awhile. I also bought way too many sweet peas (not of the human variety 😉




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