Taming the Mammoth

I have finally finished my curriculum writing!!!

Several weeks past my goal, but that’s water under the bridge. Will I ever again have the luxury of working at any hour of the day in my jammies?

It is so satisfying to see the curriculum all in one place, in a form that can be shared and used by schools throughout Illinois.

curriculum screenshot2

And apparently shared all across the nation! Just last week, I consulted with a brand new health science school in New Mexico.  So I just have to share some exciting feedback from the NM folks:

“WOW!  I have only spent a little time going through the HST modules, but I have to say that I am very impressed!  I have reviewed many, many curricula over the past 17 years and I have not found any that I really wanted to use – I am pretty picky.  You have obviously given a lot of thought to this format and curriculum.  I love it!!!  I can’t wait to review the rest of the modules and incorporate this into my program!  This fits perfectly with my teaching style!”

“You have a talent for preparing grade appropriate, challenging, and engaging materials!  You have made a huge contribution to Health Science Education.  I am very excited about sharing these resources with my colleagues across the state!  Thank you!”

Such great validation!  I’ll be honest…I stressed way too much this year. I had this totally irrational fear that the curriculum was not good enough, that people would have complaints or issues with it, that no one would be interested. Even that I somehow fooled them into paying me to do this job. I had a bad case of Imposter Syndrome. I think women, especially, are plagued by this problem of self-doubt in our work (not to mention parenting and other facets of life). It’s also pretty common in medical school, according to this interesting & timely (for me) read a few months ago. It makes total sense: when I was in Ann Arbor for the Second Look weekend back in March I was already blown away by the ridiculous accomplishments and general awesomeness of all my future classmates. I feel so privileged that I might be able to call them my friends very soon. But I am NOT an imposter. I am not! I vow to be vigilant about watching for (and squelching!) any of these types of thoughts I have when I start school in a few months. 😉

Another important lesson I am trying to drill into my head is to NOT care about other people’s validation (please ignore the sentence starting the previous paragraph). A longer, but reflection-inducing read, is Wait But Why’s new post: “Taming the Mammoth.” When I discovered it yesterday, I longed to be back in the classroom with my Advisory girls, to do our famous read-arounds in which Rocio would never know what page we were on and Imani would read ridiculously fast to help us finish before the bell. Then the next day in those precious 30 minutes from 3:30 to 4pm, we’d have a great conversation about our Mammoths & our AVs. Someone would cry and someone else would get scolded for working on their homework while we were “bonding.” And I would definitely discover that someone drew a Mammoth on my whiteboard when I arrived the next morning.


The Mammoth piece is really relevant to all of us, at any age, but I think it especially speaks to that crazy/awesome/confusing time of adolescence and college.

…I think I’ll just have to email spam it to all 18 of my girls (who have recently finished their first year of college!! holy moly!). I miss them like crazy!


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