Here is a hodgepodge of things from our past few weeks.

1. More Walking!  This video is from earlier in the week when he was toddling around at the library.

His favorite things (obviously) are the very hungry caterpillar carpet and the fish. We went to Mother Goose story time today, and he was on cloud nine watching them feed the fish afterwards.  Then randomly, on our way home, we walked by the filming of House of Cards.

2. Another trip back home!

Ben & I made a trip back to Michigan a few weeks ago for a fun-filled weekend: Family reunion, birthday party, & Father’s Day all wrapped into one awesome trip.

Ben got his party on at the family reunion:

photo 2 (20)

Nana planned a wonderful little birthday party for her grandbaby down at Island Park. Ben’s favorite parts: almost falling asleep in the swing pushed by Grammy & getting wet in the water fountain park:


photo (76)

photo 1 (18)

Ben in his Father’s Day getup!



4. Last Sunday, we trekked over to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

Beach bum:

photo 3 (12)

Mommy & Me Margaritas?


Sand was an incredible (re)-discovery for this one-year-old:


The waves were a little shocking for Benjamin at first, but he was brave and tested the waters a bit!


5. Random playdates!

Ben has been hanging out with several of our neighbor toddler friends lately–Leila, Emerson, & Avril.

Here are Ben & Leila in the water down at Inner Harbor last weekend:

That’s all! We’re off to DC tomorrow. 🙂


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