First Haircut

My hair is pretty awesome. (Especially in the wind.)


And it’s pretty integral to my baby modeling career.

photo 3 (16)

For weeks, my parents kept putting off my first hair cut. My mommy kept saying, “but it’s so adorable all long and shaggy.”


But eventually, I had enough of the hair in my eyes. It was time for my first cut.

photo 5 (4)

The plan was to recreate this vintage haircut picture. This is my Papa when he was one year old! Wasn’t he so cute, just like me!?!?

photo 1 (25)


But when my Mommy and Daddy found out the barber would charge $15, they said “WHAT!? $15 to trim a baby’s bangs!? No way!” (My mommy and daddy do not like to waste money.)

So they bought scissors and threw me in the high chair. Nevermind that neither of them had ever so much as cut a hair in their lives. Mommy said, “He’s one.”  Daddy said, “Who cares.” Mommy said, “It will grow back.”  (I was a little worried.)

But I got lucky–it turned out pretty nice. As long as you don’t look too closely.


Do you see my busted lip in that picture? It happened at a rest stop in Ohio. I was bleeding all over. Ohio is not a very good place.

Anyway, here I am taking a bunch of selfies of my new haircut and posting them on Instagram.  Follow me @babybenmeix.


(JK! My mommy won’t let me use Instagram until I’m two years old).




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