Grandpa’s Visit

Benjamin’s Grandpa visited this weekend!!!  We received the amazing gift of a delivery of Lou Malnati’s (Chicago deep dish pizza) & Portillo’s (Italian beef sandwiches) so that we could dine-in and enjoy some of our old Windy City eats. THANK YOU JOHN SR!  But we also made it out to some of our Baltimore favorites: B Bistro for brunch & Faidley’s for the famous crabcakes.  We caught an Oriole’s game and walked around the Hopkins campus & the Inner Harbor. We watched Germany win the world cup and played some Yahtzee.

It was an awesome weekend!


Three generations:



Enjoying iPad time with Grandpa:





Working in Daddy’s office while Grandpa gets a tour of the chambers:BenDaddysWork.jpg


Cheering on the O’s:



Bedtime stories for both grandson & grandpuppy:



This marks the last visitor we will have in Baltimore. Sad! 😦

We only have 2.5 weeks left… how did time fly by so fast!?!?


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