Artscape might be in the running for my favorite Baltimore event. It helped that it was a mere one block walk from our doorstep. It also helped that the weather was gorgeous. But even without those factors, it has a lot going for it. Beyond the typical artist booths with local artists (of which there were plenty, Artscape had…. live artistic performances (e.g., the aerial dancing show we caught), street performers, interactive artsy exhibits (see: silent disco & psychedelic drum tent below), great food (& surprisingly strong margaritas!), plenty of music staged within cozy outdoor spaces, & lots of stuff for kids (Ben’s favorite: the inflatable wacky waving tube men). Artscape is America’s largest free arts festival–visitors amount to 350,000+ over the three days–so the downside was that it was pretty crowded on one of the two days we went (Sat.), which of course happened to be the day we brought Toby along. Luckily we had already enjoyed plenty of time there on Friday, when the traffic was much lighter: lively, but not crowded.

Watching aerial dance performers:

photo 2 (27)


Inflatable Wacky Waving Tube Men:


Silent disco (you can’t really tell in the picture, but these people all had headphones on and were dancing to their own beat):

photo (81)


Psychedelic art tent with drums:

ArtscapePsychedelicTent1.jpg ArtscapePsychedelicTent2.jpg

photo 1 (31)



Dear Ann Arbor Art Fair,

You are definitely awesome in your own way, but you should pay a visit to Artscape & holla at your brotha from anotha motha here in b’more. Ya might just learn a thing or too. 😉

xoxo, K

PS. I am sad we are missing you this year, but we we will have four years together ahead.




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